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Social Media Marketing(SMM) Institute Bangalore

If you are managing a small company, local establishment, work from home business, national level or multinational business, whatever it might be people need to know about this. To build brand awareness to attract people online, social media is one of the best approaches by interacting with friends, relatives, colleagues and others. There you are getting more statistics, ideas, suggestions and understanding to achieve success in your business or job. Social media marketing is a technique to get high traffic for the website by discussing our content in social networking sites. It is so effective and reaches more audience rapidly. Nowadays most people are utilizing social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote their products and services etc. SMM Training Bangalore

  • Introduction to SMM
  • Social media significance
  • Important SMM tools
  • Creating and managing Facebook brand pages
  • Posting content to social media sites
  • Gaining followers and fans
  • Creating Facebook Ads
  • Different types of Facebook ads creation
  • Facebook Ad optimization
  • Facebook Ad targeting strategies
  • Creating twitter account
  • Using twitter account to build brand awareness
  • Twitter marketing approaches and plans
  • Effective LinkedIn profile creation
  • Generating reputation as individual or enterprise
  • Other social media sites like Google+, Pinterest, slide share and flicker etc. opportunities
  • Communicating value of Display on network
  • Facebook Ad Manager
  • Plan a Campaign
  • General Creatives
  • Implement a Campaign and Ad Groups
  • Targeting by Region,Demographics & Interest
  • CPC & CPM
  • Measure Performance
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Optimize & Refine
  • Communicating Value of Display on Linkedin
  • Plan a Campaign
  • Implement a Campaign & Ad Groups
  • Measure Performance
  • Optimize & refine
  • Communicating Value of Display on Twitter
  • Plan a Campaign
  • Implement a Campaign & Ad Groups
  • Measure Performance
  • Optimize & refine
  • Quite strenuous for SMM specialists
  • Respectable salaries
  • Really good rate of success
  • Tough and active career
  • Can in a position to discover new approaches to advertising and marketing media
  • SEO industry experts who wish to have more cash flow via advertising marketing.
  • The one who wishes to start off their own personal online advertising company
  • Somebody who may be having their particular E-commerce online website
  • When you are graduate and getting knowledge about surfing around Social media sites
  • Who wants to change their career from any IT connected or advertising and marketing
  • Each student will get better focusing
  • Affordable training Expense
  • Versatile timings for working specialists
  • Completely hands-on learning with real-time jobs
  • Will give complete idea about social media
  • Social media ads designing and Posting
  • Completed topic doubts will explain
  • Back up sessions will be offered for individuals who skipped the period
  • Will understand about Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, google+ and other social networking site.
  • Ads creation and optimization for social media sites.
  • Can start you own digital marketing Ad agencies for social media.
  • 100% job placement assistance.
  • Job Opportunities.
  • Social media marketing manager.
  • SMM Executives..
  • Social media marketer.



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