16 Nov


Jayakrishna, 2017-11-16 07:00:00

Here are 12 powerful ways to keep them going.

  1. Nitty-gritty of the website

 All that you need to do is the basic understanding about the architecture of your website and how it’s maintained and what it can do for you, with this it will help you to know how the website can convert traffic into Leads. Well putting all these together your website will be like a superstar employee who works for you 24 x 7, where you are not paying this employee any overtime charges nor do they have a lunch or a snacks break. The website will fluently communicate your style and the brand message that is about the products and services that is being sold and lots more. It’s your website that will walk one through your company’s trustworthiness and capability, while your employer would be relaxing at their respective home watching TV shows and already getting ready for their bed. The even more better one is you don’t need to have a salesperson cold calling prospects or even buy the Leads list in order to increase your sales. within your reach is the line of attack that will take your website to the succeeding level and convert the targeted website traffic.

  1. Fascinating Call to Action’s

 This is one of the great ways to get traffic to your website, to keep that engaged is to have a flashy or a fascinating clickable button that would offer something useful and will be wanted by the people who look at your website. These are the call to actions which will take to the landing pages that have the forms which takes the information of the visitor the one will later turn to Leads. Make sure this CTA’s have a compelling clickable button which has a good designs and attractive copy and precisely communicates the message of the content. Once the CTA’s are well placed on your website, boom! This will toss up in winning the leads.

  1. Create a big picture of the landing page

Keep the landing page connected to the CTAs and spread out through social media and other channels. You need to positively communicate the benefits of downloading the content include a small list of what information is in the downloaded content this will persuade them to give their personal information in the form and increase your needs this will increase your sales funnel and create a bang in your website.

  1. Avoid Captcha in your forms

Normally captcha will damage your conversions. As per the Moz study they say when captchas are used on website forms the company tends to lose at least 3% of their overall conversions and it’s also found that 30% of all captchas are incorrectly answered or are failed by the people which are too hard to figure out. There are many incidents with negative results it could be wise not to opt captcha in form filling.

  1. Pop in a live chat

Many people are eager to know about your products and services and they search for answers on your blog and they might not be able to find it, this will cause negativity to your website. In the meanwhile you have a live chat it comes into use to answer all the questions asked by your customers, it makes them feel confident and convenient to go ahead and purchase your service or the product. Live-chat make the customer feel convenient to ask questions and get an instant access for the information that’s required. Live-chat as shown an increase in sales, that’s being able to provide a complete customer satisfaction which helps to complete a sale.

  1. Pop-up form

We have visited websites that have pop-up form that attracts the Internet settings and it offer to sign up for a free demo session / webinar or even a discounted price for the service of product. Sometimes these pop-up forms are quite annoying, when you are not selling it to your targeted website traffic. But if you are careful about what your potentials are and the customers want, then these pop-up forms is the weightage which leads to sign up and away to grab hold of these leads.

  1. Opt in forms

Create a general opt in forms which can go live on your website, since they are quite a lot of different locations not necessary for the forms to go live on landing pages that are connected to the cities. These forms can be found on different landing pages throughout your website that includes the sidebar the header or even at the end of the blogs. This will give your website visitors an opportunity to become a part of your mailing list not necessarily having to purchase something immediately.

  1. Opt in forms inside videos

This one is a new breed, where Opt-in forms have become popular with the web videos. Now days it has created popularity for the opt-in forms inside videos. The opt-in forms pops up while watching a video; it lets the internet user to opt-in to continue watching the video. You can make this video a mandatory by opting disabling the skip option step. You could configure this form to appear in the beginning of the video or towards the end. This option is available in the premium WordPress plug-in called as lead player; it is a very effective tool to opt in forms inside videos. It has lots of options and it also works with any YouTube video. You could use your existing YouTube video inside your own website with this customisation.

  1. Create an entertaining and a native content

The way in which each one communicate is unique. When you publish links for your website homepage, a blog article or a landing page and expect that the clicks and leads should start flowing to your website automatically, but you would probably get disappointed. If you want to attract people then you definitely need to put in your time and take interest in crafting the content that will be interesting and native to each platform.