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Digital Marketing Courses Bangalore

Indulge into the experience of learning Advanced Digital Marketing Courses @ INDRAS ACADEMY. Want to be a professional then get trained by a professional, gain an amazing experience in crafting your business with advantages of digital marketing program with classroom and online training in Bangalore at Marathahalli. We at Indras Academy offer you the best digital marketing training: 45 hours of hands-on training with live projects, 100% placement support, interactive lectures, group discussions etc. Be a Digital Marketing Specialists –This Opportunity is open for all Are you an entrepreneurs/business owner? A sales marketing professional or freelancer who is seeking a career growth in digital marketing.

We Provides Classroom and Online Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore Marathahalli. We Moving further I would recommend everyone to have proper training in digital marketing either you want to be an entrepreneur or want to build your career in digital marketing. There are various internet marketing institutes available which provide Online marketing courses  but We are the oldest and best internet marketing institute in Bangalore with years of training & industry expertise. Students, fresher’s graduates or undergraduates come to Indras Academy we teach you in a design to apply the skills in real time and to understand the online marketing tool and the channels to maximize its effectiveness as a skilled digital marketing professional. Get started today. Call for a free demo session at INDRAS ACADEMY.



  • 100% Guaranteed Placement Support
  • Resume Preparation Support
  • Mock Interviews to Boost your Confidence
  • You work on Real Life Case Studies
  • Interview Question and Answers
  • You Get In-Depth Practical Knowledge on Each Topic
  • Flexible Batch Timings
  • Student Referral Bonus


  • 30 – 40 hrs Real Time Practical Training classes
  • Weekdays Classes, Different Time Slots Available
  • No more than 15 participants – enough so you have other people to learn from but not too many that you’re lost in the crowd.
  • 100% Placement support @ 20000 INR.
  • Easy Accessible Locations.
  • Real-Time Project Training


  • Google AdWords
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Adsense
  • Social Media optimization

What Our Awesome
Trainees Say About Us?


How are you all? I am Indra Sena CEO and Founder of INDRAS ACADEMY. I am 28 years old, living in Bangalore (India), an Internet Marketer and SEO/PPC Expert. I was very passionate about Digital Marketing, since the first stage of my career. Having eight years of experience, it fascinated me to learn more and master Digital Marketing. It made me develop a keen desire to practice about online trends and the way it was creating a boom. Now I run an online website and an Academy geared toward helping creative entrepreneurs build their dream business.”

I produce the best professional education programs to support every stage of one’s online marketing career. I myself make sure to connect and engage with other students, share ideas, ask questions and get feedbacks. I have trained more professionals to a single digital education standard than any other certification group, ensuring that it is cutting-edge, relevant and technically accurate. Indra’s Digital Marketing Academy can work with your organization to provide specialized, flexible, scalable training that meets your digital education needs. Get Professionally Certified with the demand for digital training growing year on year, At Online & Indra’s Academy, my mission is to provide consistency and excellence.

What you Learn Indras Academy’s

Digital Marketing Training Program

  • What is SEO?
  • Introduction to SERP
  • Importance of Domain Names
  • Domain Selection
  • How Search engines work
  • Major functions of a Search engines

Content Optimization and planning
Internal Linking
What is Domain Authority?
How to Increase Domain Authority?
Google Places optimization
Using H Card
Website Structure & Navigation Menu Optimization
Image Optimization
File Name Optimization.
HTML and XML Sitemap Creation.
Robots.txt Creation.
W3c Validation.
URL Rewriting Techniques(301, 302)
Canonical tag Optimization
404 Error Page Importance’s.
What is the Google dance and deep crawling?
What are doorway pages?
What are Hallway pages?
What is cloaking?
What are the reasons for which I could get penalized by Google
Do dynamically generated pages such as with ASP get indexed by the search engines?
Frames effects on SEO
What is Anchor text
Header Tag Optimization
Page Speed Optimization Tool
Google Sandbox Effect
URL renaming/re-writing.
Website Position Analysis in search engines
Competitor Analysis (Tools : Ahrefs, Backlink Watch, Open site Explorer)
Initial Web Site Audit (Tools: seoptimer, Woorank, Alexa).
URL Structure Optimization

  • Meta Title Creation
  • Meta Description Creation
  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta Robots

Google Panda update
Google Hummingbird update
Google Mobile Friendly Update
Google Penguin Update
Google Pigeon Update
Google Payday Update
Google Pirate Update
Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update
Google Top Heavy Update

  • Introduction to Keyword Research
  • Types of Keywords
  • Preparing a keyword list for Project.
  • Keyword Analysis Tools
  • Competitor Keyword Analysis
  • Understanding keyword mix
  • What are Primary keywords, Secondary Keywords and tertiary keywords?
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Keyword Density Analysis
  • Keyword Stimming Importance
  • LSI(Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords
  • Importance of Log tail & Short tail Keywords
  • keyword prominence
  • Keyword proximity?
  • SWOT Analysis of Website.


  • White hat SEO Techniques
  • Black hat SEO Techniques
  • Grey hat SEO Techniques.
  • Introduction to Offsite Optimization
  • What are back links?
  • Types of backlinks?
  • What is Link Building?
  • Types of link building
  • Link building strategies for your business
  • What is Google PageRank?
  • What is Alexa Rank?
  • What is Moz Rank?
  • Easy link acquisition techniques
  • Submission to Search engines
  • Directory Submission
  • Social Bookmarking Submission
  • Classified Submission
  • Article Submission
  • PDF Submission
  • Press Release Submission
  • Profile Creation
  • Blog Posting & Commenting
  • Forums Submission
  • Ping Submission
  • Deep Linking Submission
  • Local Business Listing (Local SEO)
  • Image Sharing
  • Video Submission.
  • Benefits of Google AdWords
  • Account Creation
  • Billing Types
  • Basic Ad Words Terminology
  • Recent updates in Ad Words
  • Account structure in Ad Words
  • Types of Campaign
  • Search , Display, Shopping, Online Video
  • Location Settings and Advanced Settings
  • Language, Networks and Devices
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Budget Settings
  • Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling
  • Ad delivery and Ad Rotation
  • Adgroups Structure
  • Example Adgroups
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Broad Match o Phrase Match
  • Exact Match o Negative Match
  • Broad Match Modifier
  • Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Research Process
  • AdWords Auction
  • What is Ad Rank
  • What is Quality Score
  • Factors affecting QS
  • Actual CPC
  • Relation between QS and CPC
  • Types of Bidding o Bidding Strategies
  • Structure of Ad
  • Types of Ad Position
  • Character Limits
  • Landing Page Quality
  • Best and Worst Ads Examples
  • Guidelines for Ads Creation
  • Location
  • Site links
  • Call
  • App
  • Reviews
  • Call Extensions
  • Filters and Segments
  • Column Customization
  • Search Terms
  • Auction Insights
  • Keyword Reports
  • Automate Rules
  • Keyword Diagnosis
  • Dimensions Tab
  • What is Conversion
  • Types of Conversions
  • Implementing Conversion Tracking
  • Conversion Reports
  • Practical Case Study
  • ROI Calculation
  • Setting a Display Network Camp
  • Types of Targeting
  • Keyword Based
  • Interest and Remarketing
  • Topics o Placements Targeting
  • Demographics
  • Ad Formats for Display Network
  • Display Ad Builder
  • Display Planner Tool
  • Remarketing Campaign
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Mobile Apps Campaign
  • Mobile Ad Formats
  • Importance of Video Marketing
  • Setting a Video Campaign
  • YouTube Targeting Methods
  • Bidding Types
  • Type of YouTube Ads
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Shopping Campaign
  • Shopping Campaign Setup
  • Google Merchant Centre
  • Product Groups
  • Ad Formats
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Opportunities
  • Change History
  • Account Access Levels
  • Display Planner
  • Ad Preview and Diagnosis
  • My Client Center
  • AdWords Exam Guidelines
  • Exam Format and Pass Percentage
  • Sample Exam Questions
  • Interview Questions
  • Exam Guides in PDF
  • AdWords Mock Exam + Live AdWords Project
  • Introduction to SMM
  • Social media significance
  • Important SMM tools
  • Creating and managing Facebook brand pages
  • Posting content to social media sites
  • Gaining followers and fans
  • Creating Facebook Ads
  • Different types of Facebook ads creation
  • Facebook Ad optimization
  • Facebook Ad targeting strategies
  • Creating twitter account
  • Using twitter account to build brand awareness
  • Twitter marketing approaches and plans
  • Effective LinkedIn profile creation
  • Generating reputation as individual or enterprise
  • Other social media sites like Google+, Pinterest, slide share and flicker etc. opportunities
  • Communicating value of Display on network
  • Facebook Ad Manager
  • Plan a Campaign
  • General Creatives
  • Implement a Campaign and Ad Groups
  • Targeting by Region,Demographics & Interest
  • CPC & CPM
  • Measure Performance
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Optimize & Refine
  • Communicating Value of Display on Linkedin
  • Plan a Campaign
  • Implement a Campaign & Ad Groups
  • Measure Performance
  • Optimize & refine
  • Communicating Value of Display on Twitter
  • Plan a Campaign
  • Implement a Campaign & Ad Groups
  • Measure Performance
  • Optimize & refine
  •  E mail marketing is frequently recognized as next only to go looking advertising and marketing since the best internet marketing tactic.
  • Email marketing is simple, cheaper and easy.
  • Promoters can achieve successful marketing by promoting to significant amounts of email members who positively have decided and agreed to get email communication on subjects of interest for them.
  • Present email marketing is one of the successful marketing techniques followed by digital marketers.

Today world has become digitalized and most of the people are using technologies very much. Almost 7 out of 10 people are consistently reviewing their messages and emails 5 to 7 times a day. Companies want this instant to establish profitable email marketing activities; they consider email marketing managers to discover the sources, technique, and prospective return.

  • More jobs
  • Attractive salaries
  • Can able to prove creativity
  • Can get recognized
  • What Is Web Analytics?
  • Where are Web Analytics Used?
  • Google Analytics Premium & Standard Comparison
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Linking other google products like Adwords etc with google analytics
  • Schedule Email Reports
  • Purpose of website analytics
  • Tools for website analytics
  • Installing Google Analytics in website
  • Basic terminology and KPI’s
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Goals and Funnels
  • Segmentation and Filters
  • How to use Goole webmaster tools
  • How to add a site to Goole webmaster tools
  • How do i add an xml Sitemap to Goole webmaster tools
  • Goole webmaster tools search appearance overview
  • How to use Goole webmaster tools Data Highlighter
  • Goole webmaster tools structured data
  • Goole webmaster tools HTML Improvements
  • Goole webmaster tools sitelinks
  • Goole webmaster tools search analytics
  • Goole webmaster tools search queries
  • Goole webmaster tools links to your site
  • Goole webmaster tools international targeting
  • Goole webmaster tools index status
  • Goole webmaster tools crawl Erros
  • Goole webmaster tools fetch as Google
  • Goole webmaster tools Robots.txt tester
  • HOw to add users to Goole webmaster tools
  • How to fix 404 errors in Goole webmaster tools



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